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WE are a Singapore Employment Agency.

Introduction of Personnels :


Dr. Volkau Ihar (Pronounced as “Dr.Igorr”)
Singapore PR, originally from Belarus, a small country in Europe.

He got this PhD degree in Mathematics and Physics from National Academy of Sciences.
Associate Professor of Belarus State University.
Conducted researches in the field of Biomedical Imaging/Mathematics. Worker for Agency of Science, Technology and Research of
Singapore as a Research Scientist for 12 years.

Dr. Igor got certificate of Key Appointment Holder (KAH) for Employment Agencies, and is registered under MOM.
He is the Licensee/Director for

        Solid Employment Agency Pte. Ltd.(License Number 15C7465).

Personal registration number from MOM is R1545562.

Contact number is +65 91867133


Filmor Ganoria Martino

Is a Filipino, having Singapore PR.

Has studied Mechanical Engineering from the Philippines, and subsequently taken and passed the
"Board Examination for Licensure in Mechanical Engineering".

In the Philippines he has vast of experience in mechanical jobs,and here in Singapore he has
worked in the CNC programming and machining.

Has taken and passed the test - "Key Appointment Holder (KAH)" for Employment Agencies.
Now is a part time agent for the Company, personal registration number from MOM is R1110809.

He is also a web developer of this website.

Contact number is +65 83717517


Aldine Rodelas Martino

She is a Filipino, and currently a Singapore PR

In the Philippines she studied Bachelor of Science in Commerce with a double major in "Accounting and Management".

She is currently the secretary on this conpany. doing paperworks and recording.


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